1. napEazy® is a comfort pillow and does not claim to solve any medical conditions. It does not qualify as a medical product / pillow, and should not be used as one. It has been specifically created to ease the discomfort created while seated..
  2. Please do not use this pillow if you suffer from back pain or injury.
  3. If you experience pain after using the product, we recommend that you stop using it immediately, and seek medical advice.
  4. In the interest of road safety of vehicle occupant, it should be ensured by the user that usage of napEazy® doesn't violate / break any Motor Vehicle Rules / Regulations/ Law / Standards of that region / province / state / country.
  5. napEazy® should not be used in a way that obstructs / hinders / prevents the safety features of motor / air vehicles (like air bag, seat belt, any other safety feature / equipment / provisions).
  6. Usage of napEazy® in a Motor vehicle is a choice of user and not imposed. Any litigation / damages / injuries / death / other costs arising due to usage of napEazy® is not UUO Innovations responsibility.
  7. Front sleeping posture (with and without sling) is not suitable in car / bus / SUV or other motor vehicles because you are advised to wear a seat-belt throughout the journey.
  8. napEazy® is not designed for postures discovered by beta-testers and it is not recommended to be used that way.
  9. UUO Innovation does not claim responsibility for the functioning benefits of Biocrystals.
  10. By agreeing to purchase napEazy® you are aware of the terms, conditions, disclaimer, and warning issued about the use of napEazy®. UUO Innovation Inc is not responsible for any damages that may occur from the improper use of napEazy®.
  11. If you have any further queries, please get in touch with us at contact@napeazy.com.