Collaborations - That Will Only Make Your Life better

We have made some friends along the way and are happy to announce these 2 businesses we are working in collaboration with. 

You can avail Easemytrip offers upon purchasing napEazy from our website. Click the link here to access the details of the offers.

We met Your Foot Doctor team at Shark Tank India Finals. They make insoles for people with flat feet. We will get their compression socks to go in our upcoming travel kit. Watch out for more updates on this.

We met the founder of Digital Wellness through TiE Bangalore. Their app Echo will help you sleep better wherever you go.

napEazy partners with Digital Wellness to provide better offerings to the users

Sleep is food for your mind. With echo and NapEazy you are doubling up your chances of quality sleep. echo offers a range of science-based engineered sounds that will pamper you to sleep.
Sleep better and thrive
Download the ‘echo Wellness’ app NOW
When you purchase a napEazy, we will email you the promo code for "Echo" App which can be applied while subscribing to Echo. You will get a FREE 30 day subscription to the App.