napEazy in Shark Tank India Season 1 Finals - Sharing Our Experience and Future Plans

The co-founders of napEazy, Pradipta, Sarit, and Abhishek, recently participated in the finals of Shark Tank India Season 1. This blog post aims to provide insights into their experience during the show and reflect on the lessons learned. Despite not securing an investment, napEazy remains committed to its mission of providing comfort and enhancing the sleep experience.

Preparing for the Finals: Months of preparation led napEazy to the Shark Tank India finals. From the initial application to qualifying for auditions and recording various pitches, the team dedicated significant effort to reach this stage. Despite feeling uncomfortable in front of the camera, the prospect of appearing on prime-time television on Sony TV was incredibly exciting.

The Journey to Mumbai: Equipped with standees, accessories, and a wardrobe selection, the team traveled to Mumbai, eagerly anticipating their appearance on the show. However, due to the bio bubble restrictions imposed by the Government of India, they had to remain isolated in their hotel rooms until testing negative for COVID-19. This unexpected turn of events heightened their anticipation and reinforced their determination to deliver a flawless pitch.

The Pitch Day: The day of the pitch arrived, and the team found themselves second in line after Powertree. Nerves were running high, but the co-founders remained focused. With ample practice and a clear strategy in mind, they were confident in their ability to answer any questions that the Sharks might pose. However, their desire to maintain dignity and avoid unnecessary arguments might have hindered their chances of securing TV coverage.

Inside the Shark Tank: The set of Shark Tank India was awe-inspiring, surpassing the expectations of the napEazy team. The pitch went smoothly, with each of the Sharks receiving a napEazy pillow for evaluation. The feedback received from the Sharks was both insightful and constructive. The team's target market clarity, product design, pricing, and promotional strategies were scrutinized. Ultimately, the Sharks decided not to invest, citing concerns about market positioning and profit margins.

Reality Check and Moving Forward: Although the team had anticipated a positive response, the outcome served as a reality check. They believed in the value of their product and its potential to reach a wide consumer base in India. However, the Sharks' feedback challenged their assumptions. Undeterred, napEazy remains committed to its core mission and plans to expand its presence in both India and the United States.

What's Next for napEazy: Despite the setback, napEazy has continued to make progress. They have become a RangeMe verified seller, established warehouses in the US, and improved their listing on Amazon India. The brand's recognition was further enhanced when they received the Global Small Business Of The Year award from Amazon India in 2022. These developments have paved the way for further growth and expansion.

Seeking Your Feedback: The napEazy team values your input and invites you to share your honest feedback on the following:

  1. What could the team have done differently on the pitch day?
  2. What steps should napEazy take moving forward?
  3. Are you interested in becoming a napEazy consumer? What do you like about the product?
  4. Do you believe napEazy should adjust its pricing strategy?

By engaging with their audience, napEazy hopes to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions to enhance their product and reach a wider customer base.

The journey of napEazy on Shark Tank India Season 1 was filled with anticipation, learning, and growth. While the outcome did not align with their expectations, the experience has motivated them to further improve their brand and expand their presence. By seeking feedback from their audience, napEazy.

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