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Enriched Sleep, Reduced Neck and Back Pain & Increased Lumbar Support

Wellness Pillow

Say goodbye to restless nights, uncomfortable travel, and long, unpleasant sitting hours. NapEazy’s wellness pillow is tailored to provide neck, back, and lumbar support. Its portable and ergonomic design makes it the perfect choice for an office chair, car seat support, and a snug travel companion.

From our customers


"Napeazy has become my sanctuary of comfort. It's not just a pillow; it's a game-changer. My back pain has significantly reduced, and I wake up feeling rejuvenated every morning."

Sarah Shaikh
Banglore, India

"Napeazy understands my body better than any other pillow. It's compact, versatile, and a true lifesaver during my travels. No more compromises on comfort, no matter where I am."

Rahul Singh
Delhi, India

"Napeazy didn't just improve my sleep; it transformed my entire well-being. The support it provides is unmatched. I feel more rested and ready to tackle the day, even with a newborn in tow."

Anjali Parmar
Bhopal, India

Awards and Achievements

Shark Tank India

As finalists in Season 1 of Shark Tank India, our product garnered praise from Anupam Sir, specifically for its lumbar support. Apart from our website, you can find our products on popular marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart.

Airbus Spin-off

Initiating as an internal project by Aerospace Engineers within Airbus, we have evolved into an independent entity – napEazy took flight in 2019. Distinguished by a patented design, our wellness pillow has versatile functionality, setting it apart from competing offerings.

Global Small Business

In May 2020, napEazy succeeded on Kickstarter, thanks to the support of over 600 backers from 48 countries. In the year 2022, we received the "Global Small Business of the Year" award from Amazon India.