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Founders of napEazy, the team and timelines of napEazy till Kickstarter Launch


The Story Behind napEazy

Learn about the team and timelines of napEazy till the launch on Kickstarter

Yay! We are glad that you want to learn about us. You won’t be disappointed. We will provide you details about the founders and the overall team behind napEazy. You will also learn the timelines of the project and when we are launching on Kickstarter. 

It began with an uncomfortable trip to London in 2018 while working with Airbus as Aerospace Engineers. It has come a long way since the birth of the idea to launching it on Kickstarter. We created a travel pillow that provides flexible napping experience. We designed it ergonomically to provide multi-posture support. Although, our initial concept was to alter the airplane seats, we soon realized there will be some hurdles in doing so. Changing the seat design is a long-haul process in itself. It takes around 2 years to get certified from government authorities and  regulatory bodies. So, we hit the drawing boards again,  and designed a travel pillow. We came up with many versions of it and arrived at the final design and conducted extensive user testing. We are now confident that we could solve a real world problem.

That is, we are so accustomed to discomfort during travel that we have made peace with it. 

Watch the video below, to hear it directly from the founders.

Journey of napeazy

Spun Off from Airbus Bizlab and Ready for Kickstarter

With the final prototype in hand, we presented it to Airbus Bizlab, a unit of Airbus, and a global aerospace accelerator.

We successfully acquired seed capital and formed our own company, UUO Innovation – The first in the history of Airbus India.

napEazy has evolved so much since our first mock-up made of cardboard and tape. Our idea took shape with multiple testing, and significantly reduced in weight over that time. 

You can see the picture below to learn about the various versions of napEazy


We are a team of visionaries who want to make the world a better place. We are passionate, driven individuals who see comfort as a priority rather than a luxury. 

Our range of products are the embodiment of our vision to make people comfortable while they travel or even work at home or office 

We want everyday office commuters, travelers, and adventurers to be comfortable while they nap on their journey. 

Our product is designed keeping in mind the diverse ways that our customers may choose to use their comfort kit.

Learn more about our team that is making the Kickstarter launch from a dream to a reality.



Pradipta Kishore Sahoo


Soham Patel


Sunita Mahapatra

Business Development Manager

Sarit Prajna Sahu

Textile and Fashion consultant

Prabhata Sahoo

Content Writer

Ritu Gautam

Product designer

Arvind Kumaran


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